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The latest muscle training and recovery design! EMS technology uses bionic microcurrents to create a customized muscle stimulation experience. Whether it’s sculpting your dream body, or helping your body recover from intense exercise or injury, you'll see results in no time! With 6 modes, 9 intensity levels, and 8 exchangeable massage heads, you can personalize your muscle training for your needs

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Full Body Muscle Sculpting

Effective Muscle Recovery At-Home

Reduces Pain & Muscle Spasms

Convenient & Travel-Friendly

Reasons You Will Love Body Sculptor


Step Up Your Fitness Game

Get a fat burning muscle building workout no matter where you are. This body sculptor is designed to provide a fat melting lean muscle building experience right from your home! Because we know you don't want to spend all day in the gym.


Full Body Toning

Many EMS devices are only designed for your abs, but Body Sculptor includes one abdominal patch and two body patches. Enjoy a full body toning and sculpting experience whenever you want.


At-Home Muscle Recovery

Body Sculptor is the best choice for at-home recovery and rehabilitation. Get the best of both worlds by wearing the device while you complete chores around the house, or enjoy while relaxing to soothe sore muscles.


Customizable Intensity Setting

Do you want to melt fat or tone your body? Maybe you want to pack on the muscle? Unlike others, the Body Sculptor operates according to your desired level of stimulation, so it’s completely customizable to your personal fitness plan.


Lightweight & Comfortable Wear

The abdominal and body patches adhere to the skin with comfort gel pad technology to provide superior comfort while using the device.


Hands-Free Operation

This wireless feature allows you to use the device hands-free, so you can easily add EMS recovery into your daily health routine.

What is EMS Technology?

It sends a repetition of electrical impulses to your body’s muscles. This makes them contract, and become stronger. It mimics the action of neurotransmitters from your brain targeting your muscles and nerves. These pulses travel through the device, helping to treat pain from a variety of many medical conditions, also supplementing or replacing your gym regime.


EMS Proven To Help!

In the 19th century an early method of electrical stimulation therapy was used to effectively treat motor paralysis in patients. Today EMS technology is used to aid you body in a multitude of applications from rest, recovery and general fitness.


How does it work?

It uses electrical waves to make your muscles contract. It supports your fitness journey in a variety of ways, including improving muscle performance, strengthening muscles, increasing muscle growth and blood circulation, and preventing atrophy. It can take your fitness routine to the next level, and even replace the gym.


Body Sculptor Customers

Very nice design, appears to be effective

starsEditha V. - Jul 23, 2022

My husband has been using this for about 30 minutes per day… it hasn’t even been two weeks and honestly I can already tell the difference on his abs and arms. I was surprised it actually worked.

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Awesome product I like it

starsJasmine H. - Jun 29, 2022

My workout buddy recommended this product to me. I love how it’s wireless so it is easy to have on while doing chores or watching tv, it’s just part of my daily routine at this point.

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Worked for me!

starsGemma C. - Jun 17, 2022

I’ve been an athlete most of my life and have tried what seems to be every EMS muscle stimulator device on the market. I like to use it for muscle recovery after each workout if possible. Unlike others, it is wireless, and you can use this one on your whole body which I love! This device is helping me ditch my chiropractor.

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Super fast results!

starsCarl M. - May 20, 2022

I’m surprised how quickly this started giving me abs. That was the main reason I bought it, and I haven’t really changed my routine or eating habits at all. I work out 3x a week but I wanted to be able to speed up my recovery because I wanted to bump up my workouts to 4-5x a week instead. It has been working really well, but I ended up realizing I didn’t need to hit the gym more often- I’ve just been using my Body Sculptor on my rest days instead! It’s really helping me stay on top of my life because I don’t have to sacrifice my precious free time commuting/going to the gym and planning my workouts. I already have abs and it’s only been about a month.

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

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We Are Sure You Are Going to Love Your Body Sculptor & Recovery Stimulator

But in case you're not satisfied, we are offering you our 30-day money-back guarantee. Return your package for a full refund.


How is the device powered?

Each EMS device requires 2 AAA batteries, the product requires 6 AAA batteries total

How often should I use it?

EMS is a safe and practical addition to your daily fitness routine.

How do I clean it?

You may gently clean the gel pads using a moist cloth and a neutral cleaning solution. Dry fully using a clean cloth. Make sure the device is fully powered down before cleaning.

Can I throw away the adhesive after opening the product?

We recommend keeping the adhesive to protect the gel pads in between use. This will keep the device clean in between uses and prolong lifetime of the gel pads. You may also purchase additional gel pads at checkout to replace the originals after normal wear and tear.

Is this only for my abdominals?

While many customers purchase this device specifically to tone their abs, we encourage you to try it on your whole body to maximize your results. You can place the abdominal patch on your midsection and two body patches on the appropriate muscle area of your choice, with the gel pads facing your skin.

Is this safe for me to use?

EMS technology is considered safe to use by health and fitness professionals. We recommend consulting with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about any personal medical conditions that may conflict with the Body Sculptor. Do not use Body Sculptor & Recovery Stimulator if you…

  • - Have an internal or external electronic medical device
  • - Have epilepsy, cancer, or a blood circulation disorder
  • - Have a skin condition and might react to the hydrogel pad
  • - Recently had surgery
  • - Are pregnant or postpartum

What size body does this fit?

This device is suitable for any body size, and can be used on any major muscle groups on your body (biceps, hips, chest, buttocks, legs, back, shoulders).

How do I change the intensity?

The Body Sculptor allows you to control the stimulation intensity with each handheld EMS device. You can choose and change settings before use or during.